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What can be a Good Cause? supports fundraising activities of non-profit organisations primarily in the following domains:

  • Amimal care
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Equal opportunities
  • Health-care
  • Social
  • Sport/leisure

Good Causes don’t have specific parameters, sometimes the whole organisation can be a „Good Cause” but we strongly recommend to set a specific goal for fundraising (e.g. for an equipment or a project) instead of asking for donations „in general” for the purposes of the organisation.

The owner of a Good Cause can be

  • a non-profit organisation (association, foundation, etc.)
  • a public institutions (e.g. school, museum)
  • a church or it’s institution (e.g. retirement home)

We don’t accept Good Causes from political parties of for-profit companies. reserves the right to refuse or (in well founded cases) delete Good Causes from the portal.

You can read the conditions of joining here,   the   process of registration here .