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Blue Line Ambassadors – We run for the children in need

The Blue Line Child Crisis Foundation provides quickly accessible, quality support to children, young people and their families since 1993. The most significant service of the foundation is the 24/7, free of charge Helpline. Over 50 volunteers and multidisciplinary team contributes to this work day to day.

  • between 2012-2016 261 746 calls were received, in the first half of 2017 the number of calls were 23 378, which means over 100 calls per day by children and young people
  • in 2016 1018 calls were related to mental health problems, and in 108 calls the children turned to us with suicidal thoughts
  • our counsellors often need to arrange urgent support for our callers, or explore the opportunity to involve them in psychotherapy
  • between 2012-2016 we alerted child protection services in 369 cases, when the child was at risk due to domestic violence or sexual abuse

We believe that the safety of the children is our mutual responsibility. Now you can also take part by supporting our Ambassadors with your donation. 

Embassador's posts

List of donors

2017-10-08 anonim 5 000Ft Hajrá Fiúk!!!
2017-10-09 anonim amount not public Sok sikert!
2017-10-09 Somogyi György 2 000Ft Sok sikert a futáshoz és a célotok elérésében
2017-10-15 anonim amount not public Sok sikert!