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The Great Global Pie Off

Donate to see Agnes Lugosi get a pie in the face!
Have you ever imagined throwing a cream pie in your manager’s face?
Your dream could come true on Wednesday 24th October (without the prospect of losing your job) to Pie Your Manager in the face. All you need to do is donate (generously):
1,850Ft = one ticket in the draw, 3,700Ft = two tickets, 37,000Ft = 100 chances (and a bonus pie)!
Brave volunteers have put themselves forward for public humiliation all in the name of charity. The 5 top fundraisers will be receiving a pie in the face in front of the baying (and paying) crowd in the BlackRock Budapest Canteen at 4pm on Wednesday 24th October

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5880 hour of development for 110 disadvantaged children for 10 months

Volunteers of the SZIA InDaHouse Programme travel every Friday to a little village on the countryside to spend their weekend by developing local disadvantaged children.

In the semester of 2018/2019 we plan to deliver 5880 hour of development for 110 children living in poverty.

For the development of 1 child for 1 semester we need 75 000 Ft (233 EURO). This amount covers the traveling costs, the coordination of the volunteers and the professional work costs.

 Help us to make our dream come true, to continue our program we started 4 years ago!

Help us to increase the number of children we can develop from 90 to 110.


List of donors

2018-10-16 Pankaj Kumar 3 600HUF Thanks Agnes for the intiative
2018-10-17 Neha amount not public Great Initiative
2018-10-19 Ian Wicks 4 100HUF Well done for volunteering Agnes, looks like a great cause.
2018-10-19 Mike DeMarco 4 100HUF Good luck Agnes!
2018-10-22 tim dudley 6 200HUF Best of luck Agnes !
2018-10-23 anonym 10 000HUF
2018-10-23 Ritika Gupta 3 600HUF
2018-10-24 Klaudia Donko 4 500HUF Good Luck!
2018-11-07 anonym amount not public

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Volunteers are asked to simply get a pie in the face in an effort to raise funds for charity!  The volunteers that raise the most amount of money will get pied! The honour of delivering the pie to the manager will go to one individual selected at random who has donated £5/€5/1850HUF or more.

BlackRock Budapest Canteen at 4pm on Wednesday 24th October.