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"New Day – New Hopes"

Nyolc évvel ezelőtt családunkba érkezett Dávid, aki megtanított minket arra, hogy nem vagyunk egyformák. Dávid oxigénhiány miatt idegrendszeri sérüléssel jött a világra. Szülei Flóra és Gergő elképesztő energiával fogadták a kihívásokat és segítették Dávidot abban, hogy fordított gyerekként is csodálatos gyerekkora lehessen és a legtöbbet kihozhassa magából.
Flóra (az unokatestvérem lánya) először a MagikMe egyesületben dolgozott azért, hogy a különleges igényű gyerekek együtt játszhassanak a játszótereken ép társaikkal. Az utóbbi két évben azon munkálkodik csapatával, hogy a társadalomban elfogadtassák a fogyatékkal élőket. Teszik mindezt érzékenyítéssel, szemlélet formálással és integráló programokkal. Ha te is hiszel benne, úgy ahogy én, hogy ez egy fontos ügy, kérlek támogasd a kampányunkat. Nyomj a TÁMOGASS gombra és járulj hozzá gyűjtésünk sikeréhez egy mozijegy árával.
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Let’s work together for a more inclusive Hungary

Inclusion should be more than an illusion.

Who are we and what do we do? 
We are a team of professionals and parents with disabled children working for a more inclusive society. For the past few years, we have been bringing sensitivity trainings about people with disabilities to schools, and we have been organizing inclusive activities for mixed ability student groups and families raising disabled children. We believe that bad feelings come from a fear of the unknown. Children and adults with and without disabilities can become friends, as we have experienced over and over in the past few years.

What are we fundraising for? 
We have received fantastic feedback from children, teachers, and families raising disabled children who often live in isolation Hungary. We are fundraising to continue our existing programs, and to scale our operations. We have been asked to expand our programs to include children in middle school and high school. We would like to realize more of our ideas, and reach wider audiences. We want to bring our training programs to universities, corporate trainings, even festivals. 

This work takes long hours, newer equipment, and of course, money. For a long time, we have dreamed of passing our know how on to other parents with special needs children in other regions, so that they can continue to build on what we started. Or no, not build: to tear down the walls between disabled society and enabled society. 

How can you help?
Press DONATE!  to make a donation of any amount you see fit on this page or those of our ambassadors. There is power in numbers! Thank you in advance. You can find us here:

Please visit our website (in Humageian) at

A note on the name: “Egy sima egy forditott” is Hungarian phrase that comes from knitting that stands for “knit one, knit purl.” It is used to to express diversity among people and children. 




List of donors

2019-08-28 anonym 5 000HUF
2019-08-28 huki amount not public
2019-08-28 Pecze Orsolya 5 000HUF
2019-08-28 anonym 5 000HUF
2019-08-28 Mátrai Mariann 10 000HUF
2019-08-28 anonym 1 500HUF Szuper kezdeményezés, támogatom:)
2019-08-29 anonym 10 000HUF
2019-08-30 anonym 10 000HUF
2019-09-03 anonym amount not public Csak így tovább!
2019-09-03 anonym 10 000HUF Szuper kezdeményezés! :-)
2019-09-04 Mrena Zoltán 5 000HUF remélem segítek, hajrá !
2019-09-05 Mrena Zsuzsi 10 000HUF
2019-09-05 Dr. Tábor Ilona 10 000HUF
2019-09-10 Rukkolj Elő Feszt 50 000HUF Hajrá Egy sima, egy fordított!!!
2019-09-12 anonym 50 000HUF Hajrá!!
2019-09-25 anonym 10 000HUF Hajra!
2019-09-25 Rena 3 000HUF ♡ inklúzió
2019-09-30 anonym 7 000HUF egy jó ügyért :)
2019-10-03 anonym 5 000HUF
2019-10-04 Dóczi Brigitta 3 000HUF
2019-10-04 Cebe Hanna 5 000HUF Hajra inklúzió!!!
2019-10-04 Margit 10 000HUF
2019-10-04 RékaVikiKingaMáté 10 000HUF
2019-10-06 Cs 5 000HUF
2019-10-07 Dr.Hardy Júlia 5 000HUF

Related event - "New Day – New Hopes"


“New Day – New Hopes” is a new community fundraising event the central element of which is a walk starting late at night and finishing at sunrise. The main participants of the morning walk are fundraising Ambassadors who, through their participation in the event, collect funds for a Good Cause of their choosing in their own circle of friends.

The concept and the spirit of the event are built around two thoughts: the dawn after the night, the sunrise, which symbolizes hope and optimism in the future and the common walk that reflects the cooperation between individuals and organizations. All of this without any political overtones, the event is solely focused on the activities of NGOs and on fundraising.

The morning walk will take place on 5. Octobre 2019 (Saturday), its planned route will be from the Széll Kálmán square to the top of the Gellért Hill (about 3.5 km). The planned departure time is 5:00, the sun rises at 6:47, and the program ends with a common breakfast after sunrise.

" There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope."
(Bernard Williams)​