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A kutya az ember legjobb barátja.
Mégis rengeteg ember hagyja magára barátját ezért róluk másoknak, nekünk is, kell gondoskodnunk. Ha te is így érzel, kérlek csatlakozz a kampányunkhoz és támogasd a kitűzött cél elérésében.

Én pedig megfogadom, hogy én is kilátogatok egy menhelyre és tartalmas időt töltök az ott élő kutyusokkal, amiről minden támogatómat, aki a nevét is vállalja, értesítem is :)

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Were you really freezing yet?

Hundreds of dogs face the cold weather without a doghouse.

Please help us to collect donations to build as many doghouses as possible!

Cofidis Magyarország and the Hangya Közösség joined to help the good cause, i.e. to be able to build 5 doghouses.
Our aim is to collect 200.000 HUF, which will be multiplied by 10 thanks to Cofidis Hungary. Any on top amount will be used to produce more doghouses for the dogs freezing outside.

Thus, we will be able to provide dogs living in the shelters at least 55 doghouses until 9 December within the framework of a joint charity action. 

At the closing event of the charity campaign, everyone is welcome to paint the doghouses and participate in different programs with dogs. These will also support the good cause. 

Location: NOHA Alkotóműhely (1137, Budapest, Pozsonyi út 12)

Date: 9 December 2017 (Saturday) 10:00 – 14:00

Program: Doghouses painting, dog toy making workshop and exciting presentations regarding adoption and other important information.


List of donors

2017-11-23 Era 10 000HUF Sok sikert!
2017-11-27 anonym amount not public
2017-11-27 Zsanna 5 000HUF

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Individual events can be any events such as

  • Sport events (running, cycling, swimming, etc.)
  • Special events (e.g. a New Year’s plunge in the Balaton)
  • Commitments related to your looking (e.g. a special costume, becoming bald-headed, etc.) – this is especially well working as the Ambassadors create themselves the live promo of the event
  • Giving up something hard (eg. smoking, slimming diet)
  • Record attempts (pl building house of cards, 24 hour football game, pulling away a truck, etc – doesn’t have to be a Guinness record…)
  • Team commitments (e.g. a commitment taken together with colleagues, friends)
  • Anything else you would like to do in order to campaing and collect money for a Good Cause