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"Megtanulom, meg őrzöm, tanítom, tovább adom, a szüleim nyelvét a gyerekeim hangján élvezni nem hagyom!"

"New Day – New Hopes"

Csepp a tengerben. 1 csepp vagyok A tengerben. Legyél Te is 1 csepp a tengerben, legyünk együtt a tenger!

A másokon való segítés lételemem, úgymond a mindennapjaim része.
A fiatalok szemléletformálása, hagyományok ápolása számomra fontos, követendő érték. Mutatom a példát, kövessetek!
A Gyermekmosoly Nagycsaládos Egyesület céljaival így könnyen tudok azonosulni.
Követként vállalom, hogy októberben minimum 30 zsák szemetet szedek össze, s aki szimpatizál a cselekedetemmel, kérem támogasson.
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Become a Volunteer - „Be a part of our”

Help in order we could help– Young volunteers for the society” program

Getting is good, but giving is even better! Be a part of our grand donation and cultural value creation activity organized by young volunteers.

Social and youth issues stand out prominently in our diverse and colourful daily practice.

  1. Since 4 September, 2017, on 365 days of the year, we have been distributing in-kind donations to families in need (32,000 kg in 2018).
  2. Our goal is to develop our youth into an individually valuable, socially useful, complex personality.

Our youngsters:

- acquire our values continuously
- take part in our social activities
- participate in the everyday life of our organization as volunteers
-”in their private world” they participate in programs that are appropriate for them, show their talents and build their community

Our activities show growing tendency:

- the number of donators is expanding, the amount of donations and the number of those who are donated is increasing
- the number of members of our youth department is growing
- the number of the interesting, exciting online learning content, talent development and cultural value creating community programs is increasing .

„Our good issue”:

Through accessing an own space and car, we are going to continue our activities, achieving a broader social project that promotes equal opportunities for future generations, helping disadvantaged people to catch up, and expanding our infrastructure.

Our programs are always open and you can also become a part of it!


List of donors

2019-09-01 Császár Zsuzsanna 2 000HUF Gyűjts legalább annyi pénzt, mint szemetet, hogy ezáltal megtisztuljon, tanuljon és fejlődjön a világ és a gyerekek!
2019-09-07 Lóránt Regina Gréta 1 000HUF Sok Sikert!
2019-09-08 Kissné Kollár Lívia 20 000HUF Mindent bele!
2019-09-08 Tamásiné Endrédi Zsuzsanna 1 000HUF Szuperek vagytok!
2019-09-08 Slemmer Edina 1 000HUF Hajrá Ferkó!
2019-09-15 anonym amount not public
2019-09-16 Szabó Judit 1 000HUF Sok sikert!

Related event - "New Day – New Hopes"


“New Day – New Hopes” is a new community fundraising event the central element of which is a walk starting late at night and finishing at sunrise. The main participants of the morning walk are fundraising Ambassadors who, through their participation in the event, collect funds for a Good Cause of their choosing in their own circle of friends.

The concept and the spirit of the event are built around two thoughts: the dawn after the night, the sunrise, which symbolizes hope and optimism in the future and the common walk that reflects the cooperation between individuals and organizations. All of this without any political overtones, the event is solely focused on the activities of NGOs and on fundraising.

The morning walk will take place on 5. Octobre 2019 (Saturday), its planned route will be from the Széll Kálmán square to the top of the Gellért Hill (about 3.5 km). The planned departure time is 5:00, the sun rises at 6:47, and the program ends with a common breakfast after sunrise.

" There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope."
(Bernard Williams)​