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Neked is azt kívánom

"New Day – New Hopes"

Neked is azt kívánom, hogy
- ha dolgod van a rákkal, gyorsan kerülj orvoshoz, mint én
- ha nincs, akkor is járj rendszeresen szűrésre!

2018. június 24-én vettem észre a vérzést a székletemen. Következő héten már az Országos Onkológiai Intézet orvosánál voltam. Két héten belül CT, biopszia, laboreredmények. Augusztus 10-én bicska. Most az egy éves kontrollnál semmi panasz.

Egész életemben csapatjátékos voltam. A Magyar Rákellenes Liga olyan közösség, ahol fő célunk a megelőzés és az, hogy minél többen részt vegyenek szűrővizsgálatokon.

Kérlek, hogy adományoddal járulj hozzá programjaink sikeréhez, ami által Te is részese leszel a csapatnak!

A közleményben add meg: Cselekedjünk a rák ellen!


Janitz Attila
önkéntes, adománygyűjtő követ
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Take action against cancer – 2019

Cancer is one of the biggest challenges nowadays. Almost every family and workplace is affected in some ways and it is getting more frequent at a younger age.

We believe in that with prevention and early recognition (self-examination, screening) we can save a many of people’s life and this way significantly more people can live longer lives with better quality of life!

Our goal in 2019 is to reach as many people as possible with the key messages of the Hungarian League Against Cancer on prevention and early recognition:
- One third of cancers are preventable (European Code Against Cancer)
- Tumours recognized in time can be handled more effectively (self-examination, screening)

However, this knowledge is only worthwhile if we turn it into action. Therefore, on February 4, World Cancer Day, we announced 2019 as the Year of Action!

Our local organizations and Support Services hold hundreds of programs on health, prevention and early detection every year.

In schools, our volunteers help young people learn in a playful way about the key rules of healthy living and cancer prevention. (Exercise, obesity, cervical cancer and HPV vaccination, smoking, alcohol, breast and testicular self-examination, sun and UV protection, healthy eating.)

We call attention to participating in screening for cervical cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. We also organize cervical, dermatological, oral and prostate screenings for the local population because screening can save lives!

We count on everyone in our work to do more in the interest of their own health and help to get this message across to others as well.

You, too, take action, support our work!

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Related event - "New Day – New Hopes"


“New Day – New Hopes” is a new community fundraising event the central element of which is a walk starting late at night and finishing at sunrise. The main participants of the morning walk are fundraising Ambassadors who, through their participation in the event, collect funds for a Good Cause of their choosing in their own circle of friends.

The concept and the spirit of the event are built around two thoughts: the dawn after the night, the sunrise, which symbolizes hope and optimism in the future and the common walk that reflects the cooperation between individuals and organizations. All of this without any political overtones, the event is solely focused on the activities of NGOs and on fundraising.

The morning walk will take place on 5. Octobre 2019 (Saturday), its planned route will be from the Széll Kálmán square to the top of the Gellért Hill (about 3.5 km). The planned departure time is 5:00, the sun rises at 6:47, and the program ends with a common breakfast after sunrise.

" There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope."
(Bernard Williams)​