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Running for premmies

The association of Rigth(s) beside you would like to donate 10 special chairs for the award winning hospital (skin-to-skin competition within the NICUs taking place in May) Kangoroo care is the best for mummies and dadies and their  preterm babies, medical data showed that their recovery is much faster!The cost of one chair is approx. 60.000 therefore our aim is to collect 600.000 HUF

Embassador's posts

List of donors

2017-05-01 Anonim 10 000Ft
2017-05-01 Anonimus 2 000Ft
2017-05-01 anonim 2 000Ft
2017-05-01 Polán Béla 3 000Ft
2017-05-01 Felsővári Csilla 10 000Ft
2017-05-01 Mirijam Novak 1 500Ft
2017-05-01 dr. Molnár Anikó Ügyvédi Iroda 15 000Ft
2017-05-02 Polán Béla 3 000Ft
2017-05-02 anonim 3 000Ft
2017-05-03 Polán Béla 1 000Ft
2017-05-03 Angyalföld 5 000Ft Hajrá Csillu, hajrá picik!!
2017-05-10 Kiss és Társa Kft. 6 000Ft
2017-05-10 anonim 3 000Ft Köszönjük Felsővári Csilla!