Novák András

Sándor, Miklós, Péter: gyertek "Vissza Közénk"! - teljes integráció volt hajléktalanoknak

33rd Telecom Vivicitta Spring Half Marathon

András vagyok, egy mozgékony ember, aki imádja a sportot és a mozgás hatását.

Mégis, a Vivicittán nem önmagamért fogok futni.
is egy ügyért igazából. Hanem 3 olyan emberért, akik hajléktalanok voltak, és most a Vissza Közénk program keretein belül igyekeznek talpra állni. Teljesen, és végleg.

A következő videoban beszélek a munkánkról:

Nem is annyira nyilvánvaló, hogy a legtöbb hajléktalan legnagyobb problémája a lakhatás hiánya.
Ezért kezdtem bele a "lakhatás először" szemléletű hajléktalan-gondozó-, és talpra-állító programba, mely a Vissza Közénk nevet kapta.
A program a Golgota Keresztény Gyülekezet programja.
Lakásokat bérlünk, és a támogatottakkal alapos szociális munkát végzünk, emellett coaching-ban is részesülnek.
Az első lakásunknak három olyan lakója van, akik erőfeszítéseket tesznek a talpra-állásért: Sándor, Miklós és Péter.

Adományoddal ahhoz járulsz hozzá, hogy három, önmagán segítő volt hajléktalan férfi kikerüljön a hajléktalan-ellátás rendszeréből.
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Back to us - Returning from Homelessness

The project Back to us - Returning from Homelessness supportsthe personal goals of three men emerging from homelessness to make their reintegration easier into society.

The volunteers of Pálferi Charity began to plan and realize their programs for 2018 with new plans, new members, and a renewed leadership.

The great memories of Vivicitta 2016 and the demand of the Pálferis Community for a runner group brought up the idea to participate in the first big running event this spring. It was our joint expectation that this run would be accomplished by supporting a noble goal.

We called out for the Volunteers of Pálferi Charity (almost 1000 people) in the online space so that we could find our supported good cause together. We got to know about the unusual "Back to us - Returning from Homelessness" project supported by the Golgotha community this way. Several members of the Golgotha community ​regularly attend Pál Feri's lectures on Tuesday evenings and participate in numerous programs that are linked to the Pálferi Community (ski camp, summer camp, Pálferi Parents Day, public bio-garden etc.). These links also strengthened our collaboration. Soon, we have decided with our runners that we want to support this project.

We first met the leader of the program András Novák, who is also a member of our running team.

Following that, we met the three men participating in the program, who can discover their own values, talents and resources with the help of specialists, and learn how to use and develop them.

We were greatly impressed by this first meeting, all of us felt that we were able to start a mutual, trust-based relationship. One of the men expresses his life and beliefs with poetry. Their will and perseverance are literally expressed by their intention to enter the running competition in April on a shorter distance.

There are three different ages, three different stories, but the long-term goals of all are identical and determined. They want to change, take on the fantastic opportunity life has given them. It is important to tell that all of them work where they are accepted and acknowledged for their efforts.

We support three goals in our fundraising effort as the three man have three different, yet equally realistic and important goals. These goals are set to improve their knowledge of their work or improve their health so that they can apply for better paying jobs, and thus a sustainable, self-supplying living. One of them needs dental care to fix his teeth, the other young man wants a driving license, and the third gentleman wants to pursue his studies as a stonemason, he wants to obtain a certificate for his job.

A couple of weeks ago, we began to gather the runner team, and we already have more than 20 runners. It is a great pleasure for us that besides the love of running and the respect for Pál Feri, the desire for selflessness and the overall generosity experienced formed a community from our runners. Women, men, young people and elderly will be running shorter or longer distances. It’s also near and dear to our hearts, that the youngest members of the team are a 10 and 8-year-olds.

We will also be present on Saturday and Sunday by the runway with a largest number of supporters. In our tent, we’ll host quality programs reflecting the spirit and the creed of the Pálferi Community.

It increases our enthusiasm and our commitment to our goal that some well-known people joined our campaign. Bíborka Bocskor (singer) and Dani Sass (TV show host) are also among our runners. We are very pleased that Pál Feri is joining us on Saturday for a short time. We are confident that the good cause of Pálferi Charity reaches people, becomes a common motivation and we will achieve our goal together.

We wish our team a successful competition with the supporting words of János Székely, bishop of the diocese of Szombathely:

 "We often cannot imagine the tragedies and the sufferings of someone who becomes homeless, helpless, and unconnected. Perhaps we have no idea how difficult it is to rise from the depth, from foster care, from the misery and extreme poverty, from an extremely difficult family environment. Whoever got to the street is our brother or sister. If we give them a helping hand, we become more and more human, if we turn away from them, we become more inhuman. By running together, by the given help the world will be more beautiful, more smiles will be on the faces, more life and joy will fill the hearts! "


Pál Feri is a mental health specialist and a roman catholic priest, who has weekly lectures about mental and spiritual health, and authored a few books in this topic. Since 2000 a growing number of people have been joining the lectures and programs aorganized by the community.


List of donors

2018-03-21 Novák György amount not public
2018-03-21 André Gizella amount not public
2018-03-21 Dóri 5 000HUF Hajrá! :)
2018-03-22 anonym 2 000HUF
2018-03-22 Marcsi 2 018HUF Fantasztikusak vagytok, hajrá!
2018-03-22 xy amount not public
2018-03-22 MT amount not public
2018-03-24 Kati amount not public Jó futást Andris!
2018-03-27 anonym amount not public Isten tegye gyümölcsözővé a munkátokat!
2018-03-27 Jillian68 amount not public Jó futást kívánok!
2018-03-28 Krisz amount not public "De Isten, gazdag lévén irgalomban, az ő nagy szeretetéért, amellyel minket szeretett,"
Efézus 2/4

Hősök vagytok!
2018-04-01 miki 9 999HUF sok sikert nektek hosszú távon is:)
2018-04-03 Dorka amount not public Büszke vagyok Rátok, Andris! Hajrá! Sok sikert és jó segítést! :)
2018-04-03 Jeges 10 000HUF
2018-04-03 anonym 5 000HUF
2018-04-03 Pál (de nem Feri :)) 50 000HUF
2018-04-06 kata 2 000HUF Nagyon egyetértek a kezdeményezéssel. Hajrá!
2018-04-09 Adri amount not public Hajrá!
2018-04-11 Szakszon Péter 500 000HUF
2018-04-13 Dávid 25 000HUF
2018-04-13 anonim amount not public hajrá :-)

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The Vivicitta Sprig Half Marathon is part of a 2-day long event all about running. On sunday runners can choose beteeen half marathon (21 km) individually or in team of 2 or 3 or a Vivicitta (10 km) while on saturday the focus is the shorter distence fr teh less experienced runners. With distence runging from 750 m to 21 km everyone in tehe family can finde their owen challange and welcome the spring by running.