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Tábitha Ház - hogy legyen mindig segítség....

"New Day – New Hopes"

Tudom, hogy közös összefogással mindig van segítség...

Két éve vagyok a Tábitha Ház önkénteseinek tagja. Lehetőségeimhez mérten igyekszem segítséget nyújtani mindenben, amiben csak tudok.

A Tábitha Ház szolgáltatásai ingyenesek az érintett családoknak, így működésében kiemelten fontos szerepe van az adományoknak.

Ha úgy érzed, hogy bármilyen összeggel szívesen támogatnád a Házat, kérlek kattints a támogass gombra és segíts.

A mostani kampány célja négy speciális ágy cseréje, amelyek összértéke 4 000 000 Ft.

Mindenki számít.... minden perc számít.
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Crying now doesn't help! Let's work together for the largest children's hospice house in the country!

Tábitha Children's Hospice House Törökbálint

Today's largest children's hospice house provides assistance to more than 70 families each year. Families whose children have illnesses that are incompatible with life and have no hope of healing. The two most important services provided free of charge are end-of-life support and discharge services. The former helps the whole family in the last weeks of their child's life and in the period after passing. The latter, for short periods, exempts parents whose children require 24-hour home care.

Being involved in the program gives us the opportunity, besides giving a wide range of support as a volunteer, to provide significant financial support to a place where all help is needed.

The purpose of the fundraising is to replace 4 outdated nursing beds - 2 baby cribs and 2 childcare beds - with practical, up-to-date equipment. Special beds are worth an average of 1,000,000 HUF each.

Crying now doesn't help! Let's work together for the Tábitha Children's Hospital!

List of donors

2019-09-16 anonym amount not public
2019-09-16 Koncz Erika amount not public
2019-09-17 anonym amount not public
2019-09-17 Tomáš 32 000HUF
2019-09-25 Jimmy Gsm amount not public
2019-09-29 Márti 15 000HUF

Related event - "New Day – New Hopes"


“New Day – New Hopes” is a new community fundraising event the central element of which is a walk starting late at night and finishing at sunrise. The main participants of the morning walk are fundraising Ambassadors who, through their participation in the event, collect funds for a Good Cause of their choosing in their own circle of friends.

The concept and the spirit of the event are built around two thoughts: the dawn after the night, the sunrise, which symbolizes hope and optimism in the future and the common walk that reflects the cooperation between individuals and organizations. All of this without any political overtones, the event is solely focused on the activities of NGOs and on fundraising.

The morning walk will take place on 5. Octobre 2019 (Saturday), its planned route will be from the Széll Kálmán square to the top of the Gellért Hill (about 3.5 km). The planned departure time is 5:00, the sun rises at 6:47, and the program ends with a common breakfast after sunrise.

" There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope."
(Bernard Williams)​