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Kedves Barátok, Kollégák,

Mint azt már sokan tudhatjátok rólam imádok bicajozni. A következő 30km-es távomat szeretném nem csak kedvtelésből teljesíteni, hanem ezzel egy nemes célt is szolgálni: adományokat gyűjteni a Szegedi Újszülött Életmentő Szolgálat Alapítvány számára.
Kérlek, ha tudsz segíts adományoddal!


Kedves Kollégák: a BP megduplázza adományainkat, ezért kérlek tüntesd fel a neved mellett, hogy -BP.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As you may already know I really like riding my bike. I'd like my next 30kms not to do just for fun, but to make a difference with it, this time for premature babies, by raising money for the Szegedi Újszülött Életmentő Szolgálat Foundation.
I ask you to support this good cause if you can, by donating for the foundation.


Dear Colleagues: BP will double what you give, so please do not forget to write “BP” after your name.
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Pedalling for newborns

Sometimes  life depends on just seconds, provided you have help. How very long it feels until the ambulance arrives to help a serious case, let alone when we talk about a new life.

Imagine a relative or a friend, who is healthy and successful today, was born before due time when circumstances might not have been ideal to start his life. Maybe somebody had saved them back then. Maybe a premature ambulance team that is ready to help 24/7.

Our Foundation helps premature babies who are not yet ready for life. Our operation transports premature babies to Szeged Children’s Clinic and Kecskemét Perinatal Intensive Centre covering three counties in Southern Hungary. We have helped in almost 20 thousand cases to date.

Missing treatment in the critical first moments, hours of life threatens life expectations and later quality of life dramatically. In fact, this early treatment determines mental health or sickness for good.

The other main area of expertise of our Foundation is the premature birth prevention trainings we organize for attendees from age 14. In the past eighteen months more than a thousand students, health professionals, teachers and school psychologists attended these trainings.

State support covers only 64% of our costs. The missing more than 30%  (30-31 million HUF in 2015 and 16) comes from income tax  and other offers. 

List of donors

2017-09-13 anonym 2 000HUF

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Individual events can be any events such as

  • Sport events (running, cycling, swimming, etc.)
  • Special events (e.g. a New Year’s plunge in the Balaton)
  • Commitments related to your looking (e.g. a special costume, becoming bald-headed, etc.) – this is especially well working as the Ambassadors create themselves the live promo of the event
  • Giving up something hard (eg. smoking, slimming diet)
  • Record attempts (pl building house of cards, 24 hour football game, pulling away a truck, etc – doesn’t have to be a Guinness record…)
  • Team commitments (e.g. a commitment taken together with colleagues, friends)
  • Anything else you would like to do in order to campaing and collect money for a Good Cause