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Egykori Petőfis diákként, és jelenlegi Petőfis tanárként támogatom egy új közösségi tér kialakítását.
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Creating a multifunctional community room

We have been allowed to refurbish the caretaker’s flat. This is why we have decided to raise funds through this website and this is why we are asking for your generous help.

Our supporters will be directly helping us to create a new, multifunctional community room,  which  will host PE lessons, extra-curricular activities, cultural and community events, ’out-of-the-ordinary’ lessons, parent-teacher  meetings, social functions, recreation and many other activities.

You can make this possible by supporting our campaign.
We truly believe your donations can make a difference.

List of donors

This campaign has not been supported yet by any donations.

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Individual events can be any events such as

  • Sport events (running, cycling, swimming, etc.)
  • Special events (e.g. a New Year’s plunge in the Balaton)
  • Commitments related to your looking (e.g. a special costume, becoming bald-headed, etc.) – this is especially well working as the Ambassadors create themselves the live promo of the event
  • Giving up something hard (eg. smoking, slimming diet)
  • Record attempts (pl building house of cards, 24 hour football game, pulling away a truck, etc – doesn’t have to be a Guinness record…)
  • Team commitments (e.g. a commitment taken together with colleagues, friends)
  • Anything else you would like to do in order to campaing and collect money for a Good Cause