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A Világítani Fogok! Egyesülettel elsősorban táborokat, hétvégéket, foglalkozásokat szervezünk olyan gyermekek számára, akiknek családja saját erőből nem tudna hasonló porgramokat finanszírozni. Az alkalmak a gyermekek számára teljesen ingyenesek, a közösségi élményekről, játékokról, néha egy kis kézművességről szólnak, mindig belecsempészve magunkból is, tapasztalatainkból, tudásunkból. És természetesen mindezt szeretetből - amit adunk de legtöbbször kapunk. Én ezért csinálom :)
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Together Again – 2020 Summer Camp and programs throughout the year in Kerecsend

The „I Will Shine Association” (Világítani Fogok Egyesület) organises camps and community programs for the disadvantaged kids and their families (100-120 children) living in Kerecsend in East Hungary. Thanks to the donations and the volunteers, the community has been made a great progress and we could offer more activities for them (such as supporting musically talented kids and providing tutoring).

We organise every year a major donation event in the virtual space so that those who think that our work is important could also contribute so that the kids have a summer full of experiences. This year we need the help even more because due to the pandemic we could not meet them, only virtually (we tutored some of the kids). The families are very much looking forward to the camp and we also miss them. For this camp we are planning on doing a lot of outdoor programs and hikes, and from September onwards we will resume our regular weekends on a monthly basis. We would like to ask four your help in this.

This year we are trying to collect 1 million 150 thousand HUF. We would spend it on the summer camp and on our regular programs throughout the year. So, it is never a problem if we exceed that amount. We trust you.

We are grateful if you can support us with even the smallest amount to organise these diverse activities.

For further information you can check out our facebook page.

List of donors

2020-06-22 anonym amount not public
2020-06-23 anonym 3 000HUF :)
2020-06-25 Szekeres Béla 10 000HUF
2020-06-25 anonym 10 000HUF
2020-06-25 anonym 15 000HUF
2020-06-25 anonym amount not public
2020-07-08 ger 22 000HUF

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Individual events can be any events such as

  • Sport events (running, cycling, swimming, etc.)
  • Special events (e.g. a New Year’s plunge in the Balaton)
  • Commitments related to your looking (e.g. a special costume, becoming bald-headed, etc.) – this is especially well working as the Ambassadors create themselves the live promo of the event
  • Giving up something hard (eg. smoking, slimming diet)
  • Record attempts (pl building house of cards, 24 hour football game, pulling away a truck, etc – doesn’t have to be a Guinness record…)
  • Team commitments (e.g. a commitment taken together with colleagues, friends)
  • Anything else you would like to do in order to campaing and collect money for a Good Cause