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How does it work?

Become an Ambassador of a Good Cause and help collecting donations!


What do you have to do?

1. Choose a Good Cause and make a commitment

Look at the list of Good Causes and events available at There may be different type of events, you can become an Ambassador if you join any of these events and make the commitment relevant to the event. You can find the actual list of registered and currently active Good Causes here . If you would like to be an Ambassador of another Good Cause (eg. a charity) please contact us at and we will help you. If you don't find anything you like among the Active Events list on the portal, you can start your own individual event as well that can be practically anything...

Ambassadors can be individuals, groups or even a complete company, the main things are you really belive in the Good Cause you selected and you take your commitment really serious.


2. Register and create your „Ambassador” page

To become an Ambassador you have to  register  yourself on the portal and then you can create your personal fundraising page.

You can describe on your page why you became an Ambassador of that Good Cause and why do you think others should also support it. You also have to set a target of how much donations you will collect and if you can well describe your personal motivation it is already half winning!  Try to explain in the text as much as you can why is your Good Cause important to you, the more personal and emotional the message the more donations you will generate!

After the registration you just have to fill-in a simple form, upload your photo (max. 2MB) and you personal page will automatically be created.


3. Promote your personal page

Send the link of your page (your page has a unique link!) to your friends via e-mail, social media and other electronic channels and of course also tell them when you meet them you became an Ambassador and look for donors for your supported Good Cause. „Little streams make great rivers” is fully true in this case, 2000-3000 HUF donations can quickly adding up to a big sum. Use the blogging function, share your thoughts with your current and future supporters and share the status of your campaign several times with your friends. You can find more ideas and advice for your campaign here.


4. Be happy for your success

If your campaign runs well you just have wait until your target has been reached, and overshooting your target is if course not a problem here! While being happy for achieving your goal think about your „Ambassador-fellows” as well and realise your campaign is also being multiplied by the effort of your team – enabling the Good Cause to be accomplished!