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How to campaign?

When you have selected a Good Cause, took a commitment and created you personal campaign page, you can start campaigning. You goal now is to deliver your message to as many of your friends, colleagues, clients and relatives as you can and as an Ambassador of the Good Cause ask for their support and donations.

What are the best channels to use?

  1. Social media

    Share your personal campaign page at every social media platform you are on (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and ask your friends to donate.

    Besides donations sharing by your friends helps too – but remember you can mostly count on donations from people you personally know because those are the ones who really trust in you and are willing to support your efforts.

    Share your posts on Facebook several times as information quickly "flies away". In order to reach more potential donors you have to share it several times (possibly always with a different little personal comment)
  2. E-mail

    Use your e-mail addresses, also the mail groups you are member of. Preferably personalise your message or at least send different groups (e.g. colleagues, relatives) different targeted messages. However don’t annoy and spam your friends by sending the same mail repeated several times…

Insert a special message into your e-mail signature for the period of your campaign with a link showing to your personal page thereby anyone will know whom you send a mail.

Personal channels

Bring up your campaign at any time use have an occasion during conversations with friends, in coffee talks, family events or even business meetings. If you see openness promise and send the link of your page afterwards.

YOu can also print your campaign page with detachable little pieces with the webb address of your personal page. Hang the flyer/poster at the reception or in the canteen of your company the places you sport or at any other places where your colleauges or friends may see it (people you don't know will rarely support your campaign) 

Some helpful advice

It’s not enough to publish once your campaign, information especially in social media slips by very quickly, you have to attract attention by announcing your campaign several times.

You can also post messages on your personal campaign page and you can also attach photos to your posts. Be aware that posts will not be seen by your friends automatically time-to-time you have to share again your page in the social media (eg. Facebook)

When you speak or write about your campaign: don’t forget to ask for donations. Asking is not always easy but without asking you will have significantly lower chance to get donations!!!

Take all opportunities to tell something about your campaign. Your preparation for the event (e.g. your training if you will run), when someone has donated, when you have reached quarter, half, etc. of your donation goal, when just a little is missing, etc.

Share info/news related to your supported Good Cause within your communication. This may also help having more donors.

The more personally and emotionally you write to your friends, the better chances you have to be successful. For the „Dear All” messages „all” can think this is not personally meant for them and someone else will definitely help you…

Don’t just send dry information, always add your emotions, this is how your message will become personal and this is how you can best get others to support you.

If you can, be the first donor of your own campaign thereby you can reach a double effect: on one hand you can show your strong commitment to the Good Cause, on the other hand you solve the problem of „nobody wants to be the first one”.

It is never enough from thanking! Thank everything, donations, sharings, mental support, etc.

Everybody likes gifts – surprise your donors with little gifts (a handmade cookie, a donation certificate, etc.)

Don’t be negative – even if you think more people should support your campaign. Blaming never ends-up in donating… rather speak to the ones whom you couldn’t reach yet or who are still hesitating (for sure there are some of them out there you may just not know who they are…)

Be confident you work for a Good Cause and there aren’t any unsuccessful campaigns – even if you don’t happen to reach the goal you have set at the beginning of your campaign!

And don’t stop even if you happen to have reached your donation goal – we already have an Ambassador who has stopped at 592% J