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Select a good cause and make a commitment

Fostering new cancer diagnostic and therapeutic strategies


Owner of good cause: Magyar Rákellenes Liga
Amount of donations: 871 857 HUF

Our original cancer research project, previously supported by Hungarian and international  grants, has lead to  essential new results. Early cancer diagnostic and effective therapeutic strategies can be built (OTKA, Fulbright, Harry J. Lloyd Melanoma Research Award) on these recent results. Our data on anti-tumor immune response capacity and the characteristic features of „cancer stem cells”  (being responsible for the metastatic behaviour), will be published in well-known international and Hungarian journals. Strong scientific papers („Frontiers in Immunology”, „Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)”, „Blood”, Hungarian Oncology (Magyar Onkológia), Immunology Quarterly (Immunológiai Szemle,) would be a basis to get new funds to support the planned innovative diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. One year is the shortest time to get a new grant for the project. However, we cannot just interrupt analysing anti-tumor antibodies and testing the cancer killing effect of the gene modified immune cells. We must continue now.  We would like to gather support to perform these time- and money consuming assays.  About 3550 USD (3115 Euro, 1 000 000 HUF) support would be necessary for the immunology profile analyses of 40 blood samples. Additional 2850 USD (2490 Euro, 800 000 HUF) would be enough to make the cancer cell killing assay of the gene modified immune cells in 40 cases. We would need further 3550 USD (3115 Euro) to perform high throughput molecular genetic assays based on 40 cancerous tissue samples. Supports would ensure to continue building our innovative diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

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Total amount of donations for the Good Cause:

871 857 HUF

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