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Select a good cause and make a commitment

Run for Hungarian Food Bank!


Owner of good cause: Magyar Élelmiszerbank Egyesület
Amount of donations: 1 505 005 HUF

1/3 of the produced food is wasted

Thousand hundreds of people are starving

Help to get this food to those in need!

The Hungarian Food Bank Association is a non-profit organization, which started its work in 2005. We aim to collect consumable surplus food in order to donate them to 300,000 Hungarians in need, thereby helping to decrease poverty and malnutrition.

Though we experience 1.8 million tons of food waste in Hungary, the number of starving people is growing every day! If all the food surplus would land on the table of people in need, hunger wouldn't be an existing notion.


In this year, our goal is to distribute 25 000 package of food to the needy. How is that possible? As we get and give food for free, we „only” have to spend money on the way to the destination of the food. In this way, from 1 400 000 Ft, food can get to where it’s most neededin a  value of 42 000 0000 Ft!



Today you can help us! Every donation counts!

For Ambassadors

Donate your kilometers to Hungarian Food Bank, in this year, we collect to distribute 25 000 package of food. Join to us! Write to email adress, and we help you to start and do your campaign!


Total amount of donations for the Good Cause:

1 505 005 HUF

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