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Select a good cause and make a commitment

We run for them, so that they could run too!


Owner of good cause: „Állat és Ember” Állat- és Természetvédő, Kulturális és Szabadidő Egyesület
Amount of donations: 32 000 HUF

Our Charity „Állat és Ember” Á.V.E. was established in 2007. The Hungarian Yorkshire Terrier Rescue was set up in its framework in 2012. We rescue from the entire territory of Hungary dogs who are in the greatest need: ones with multiple disabilities,  put on the death list at dog ponds, old dogs or ones  exploited in, and then, sorted out by  puppy factories. Our goal is to restore their health, rehabilitate them and to offer them a happy new life. During the 9 years that has passed since our formation we gave this chance to more than 1,300 dogs and cats whom we have rehomed.

Many of them must undergo a series of surgical interventions and,  thereafter, after-treatments may take half a year or more. We have no facility. We foster the dogs in our homes, or, if it is impossible, then at dog hostels. We spend the donations exclusively on medical costs, medicaments, diagnostics, after-treatments, and only a very little part on feed. No spending has been made since our formation for wages, fuel, utilities costs. These and the feed for our animals are covered by our members and foster parents from their own budgets.

We organize two neutering campaigns per year for the population. The next one from October 2016 shall be the 8th. 1,400 cut price neutering operations, part-financed by us were performed for pet owners so far.

We believe that disbursing information is very important. We have issued 3 publications for pet owners until now and organized animal rescue club  (Kutyakötelesség Klub) and a series of lectures in the skeleton of the Panelkutya program.

The runners supporting us run for the costs of those operations of our dog that do not fall within the scope of base care: spinal, patella, vision restoration and tumour excision interventions, so that the dogs could, just as they di, run again! 


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Total amount of donations for the Good Cause:

32 000 HUF

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