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Select a good cause and make a commitment

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Owner of good cause: EMMA Közhasznú Egyesület
Amount of donations: 903 201 HUF

We have been working in the EMMA Association since 2010 to ensure that during childbirth and birth everyone will

be treated in a humane way in order to have the best possible childbearing time and be unharmed. The opacity of the current obstetric care system, customary care arrangements for both mothers and professionals lead to uncertainty and difficulties.

We created the EMMA Workshop for women who had difficult or traumatic experiences during their childbirth, in order to help them to heal. Our workshops provide women a protected, non-judgmental space where with the help of an expert facilitator they can share their experiences and feelings with each other. During the time of motherhood we have to meet countless expectations and challenges and at this time it is vital not to be left alone with our doubts.

The purpose of our association with this community fundraising is that the workshops which are only accessible in Budapest at the moment, would be available in other cities too, like Debrecen, Székesfehérvár and Veszprém, so mothers can meet in these towns as well and experience the community retaining power of women. This will allow more women to receive that attention, safe space and the expert care they need during the postpartum period. With the support of our ambassadors, we can achieve our common goals. With your donation you can also be an active part of this change. Support the EMMA Workshop, See you at EMMA!


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Total amount of donations for the Good Cause:

903 201 HUF

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