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Select a good cause and make a commitment

Take a step with us towards young people! Support us!


Owner of good cause: Soli Deo Gloria Református Diákmozgalom
Amount of donations: 462 722 HUF

The SDG Reformed Student Movement's main calling is to help the youth between 15-29 to become adults who can take responsibility for themselves, for their family and society. We would like to help the students to find their true identity in Jesus Christ. 

In order to do this, we organize annual national gatherings for the youth, with school missions we visit the secondary schools and we also encourage and help the establishment of small community groups within the schools. We organize leadership trainings for the student leaders, mentor them, and we also put on an annual national Bible Study and Adventure event which has been very popular. During the summer students can join our summer camp and an extraordinary pilgrimage.

Our hope with all of this is to live in an honest, open, welcoming community with those entrusted to us, where we may become mature Christians through the transforming work of God.

To reach these targets, we need your financial support by which you create an opportunity for many to experience the safety and fun provided in community, the life transforming power of faith and the joy of serving others. With your support you enable us and our volunteers to organize our trainings, gatherings and camps in the next coming year as well. Take a step with us towards young people!

Support our steps, so that we may step closer to each other, ourselves and God!




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Total amount of donations for the Good Cause:

462 722 HUF

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