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Owner of good cause: Gézengúz Alapítvány
Amount of donations: 1 171 570 HUF

Over the last 25 years Gézengúz Alapítvány has helped the recovery of 50 000 preterm and disabled babies. Lot of families come to us, who assume that there may be a problem with the baby, but they do not know what that problem actually is or to whom they can turn for help. Our goal is to organise a free program series by the end of the year, which can help 200 families to recognise whether their infants are facing with some kind of delay of development before it is too late. In the last 5 years, there were screening examinations once or twice a month, when a physiotherapist, a movement development educator and a psychologist were available at the same time. 75 percent of the examined children had some kind of disability. Every day counts in these cases. This year we need 1 350 000 HUF to provide weekly screening examinations and get the results as soon as possible so that the children do not have to wait for the them.

For Ambassadors

Run with as and help to reveal the problem in time, give the appropriate therapy to each baby with disabilities or diverging levels of development!


Total amount of donations for the Good Cause:

1 171 570 HUF

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