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Select a good cause and make a commitment

Our cancer research marathon for cure with new, immunology-based strategies


Owner of good cause: Magyar Rákellenes Liga
Amount of donations: 600 000 HUF

The fight against cancer concerns us all. The employees of the National Institute of Oncology do all that is possible to combat cancer, and the Hungarian League Against Cancer assists with all available means. This work might be considered as a „marathon against cancer”, where at the end we need to say: „we have won!”. ( We can only be better together. – There is a long way to go, but it will be easier if we will do it together. Come join us with a helping hand, to „Give Life a Chance through Cancer Immunotherapy’’. Years of extensive research resulted in the fact that the organism`s own defence mechanism, the immune system can be involved in building new effective anticancer strategies. The new immunotherapeutics are in many cases beneficial and novel drug developments  are in full swing.

A new immunological panel assay has been developed for patients in the National Institute of Oncology to define potential antitumor immunologial response. This assay is based on previous research projects supported by numerous  Hungarian (OTKA T048933, Eötvös) and international (NATO CLG, Fulbright, Harry J. Lloyd  Charitable Trust) research grants. Additionally to the “proof of principle” of the project on characteristic structures of cancer cells, we experienced new findings on cancer stem cells, responsible for metastases. These pioneering studies have been partly published (Immunology Research, 2015 (, Hungarian Oncology, 2016, ( and have the potential for cancer stem cell targeting immunotherapeutics ( There are no funds to cover this next project step from the previous applications, therefore, we decided to use the Goodwill website.

About 500 000 HUF (1 786 USD) would be necessary for 50 patients` new tumorimmunological investigations, while 1 000 000 HUF (3 572 USD) could cover 100 patients` tests. Additional 500 000 HUF (1 786 USD), if available, would be used to define cancer stem cells in patients surgical specimen with a new technique. With a sum of 2 000 000 HUF (7 143 USD ) a next step to generate genetically modified immune cells, where the cancer stem cell revealing genetic information is incorporated, would be completed. Additional 500 000 HUF (1786 USD) could be used to test the functional tumor cell killing capacity of the anticancer lymphocytes in various cancer types. With 3 500 000 HUF (12 500 USD) we could purchase important computer programs and get access to databases, essential to define the genetic information (at  gene expression level) regarding cancer specific immune response and cancer stem cells` characteristics, as well. With your modest or considerable support, you’d get involved in this marathon for ”making cancer a history”. 

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Total amount of donations for the Good Cause:

600 000 HUF

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