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Select a good cause and make a commitment

Let's give experiences for girls with Rett Syndrome together!


Owner of good cause: Magyar Rett Szindróma Alapítvány
Amount of donations: 1 507 006 HUF

Our organization has been representing the interests of children and young people with Rett Syndrome since 1995. This rare disease in girls is accompanied by severe symptoms resulting in multiple injuries. For nearly 25 years, the Foundation has been supporting the affected families, organizing joint programs, organizing therapeutic summer camps, giving lectures, and helping parents communicate.

In the New Day – New Hopes campaign, we collect special experiences for girls. One is the joy of moving: we want to buy bike(s) that can be used by people with reduced mobility with a helper. Families could borrow a bike for a vacation or try out a piece of their own. Since these bikes are not subsidized aids, their purchase is a significant amount for a family. Therefore, it is good if we can help you make the decision.

Another experience is the Christmas celebration, which has became a tradition a few years ago. Many families from all over the country come to the event. The Foundation offers them a variety of shows and gifts. We would like to celebrate Christmas this year and to close another successful year together. In the campaign, we collect prizes for performers, lunches, photo corners and gift packages.

Injured children are less busy than their healthy counterparts and find it harder to get into different programs. We want to help parents do this, either by hiking with their injured child or by organizing joint holidays for them.




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Total amount of donations for the Good Cause:

1 507 006 HUF

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