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Select a good cause and make a commitment

Free space for NGOs! – Support AURÓRA community space


Owner of good cause: Marom Klub Egyesület
Amount of donations: 106 000 HUF

AURÓRA will create the financial background of 120 civil and community programs with the help of it’s ambassadors and the Új Nap Új Remények (New Day, New Hopes) donation campaign.

In the last 5 years AURÓRA as a FREE SPACE located in Budapest, gave home to hundreds of NGOs programmes. Beside the many concerts, parties and other cultural events, this house gave place for 12 NGOs, like Budapest Pride, Roma Press Centre, Streetlawyer Association, School of Public Life community-based training and so on.

The aim of AURÓRA is to give space for communities, which believe in social justice and which work together for an equal and free world!

The function of AURÓRA community house and together with this, the operation of the offices of the NGOs are in danger because of questionable regulation and the constant attack of the municipality. As AURÓRA can ensure reduced priced offices, rooms and events to civil and cultural organizations and communities with the help of the catering place, called Kioszk of the house. The closing time after 10 pm of the bar of the Kioszk caused a huge loss of the income, which in long term made impossible the operation of AURÓRA.

We are seeking crowdfunding because of this loss of income and hoping we can survive these hard days and AURÓRA can operate without any problem.

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Total amount of donations for the Good Cause:

106 000 HUF

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