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Select a good cause and make a commitment

ÖKOsodj Velünk! summer camp (about environmental protection)


Owner of good cause: Te Számítasz Egyesület
Amount of donations: 679 610 HUF

Help us make our summer camp in 2020 real! In our camp, „ÖKOsodj Velünk”, we connect the entertainment of underprivileged children to their education, based on them having fun, while we are giving them lessons in environmental protection. This camp is all about the two subjects, which are the most important ones for our association. We are proving a careless week full of experiences, to children, whose parents can not afford such things. Meanwhile, the children receive a guidance on how to protect our environment during their everyday life.

Almost 30% of the Hungarian society has daily financial struggles. Families  with hardships care even lass about the protection of nature and our environment. Through educating their children, we also would like to make families more informed, more environment friendly.

People who support our camp, support 2 goals in one. Beside making us able to give underprivileged children a fun summer camp experience, they also provide the possibility to change the thinking of children and parents, in order to create a more livable planet. Would you also like to be a part of it?

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Total amount of donations for the Good Cause:

679 610 HUF

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