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Please, help so that Zsolt could get a chance to start living a life of his own!


Owner of good cause: Fény Felé Alapítvány
Amount of donations: 31 000 HUF


Help, so that Zsolt and other disabled people could get a chance to have a life of their own

The „Toward the Light Foundation” was established in Debrecen in 1993. Its purpose is to offer, without age restriction lifelong assistive partnership for people living with disabilities like autism, intellectual disability, movement disability and multiple disabilities. We believe that disabled people also have a right to live a life suited to their needs and abilities, to be treated as humans, to study, to work, to sport, to socialize and to live as other members of society.

We provide residence for 12 handicapped persons and daycare for 47 disabled individuals. In addition, we also offer skill developing activities and accredited employment.

Within the framework of a successful project in 2019 with a substantial financial contribution of our foundation a unique opportunity opened for us to build a supported residence in Debrecen on Deák Ferenc street 6. The „TreasureBox House” is currently under construction. After its completion it will provide supported residence for an additional 12 people.

The total budget of the project is 110 million HUF. One third of the cost is covered by the budget of a project. Another third of the cost is covered by our foundation. The remaining one third should be paid by twelve residents of the TreasureBox house as a form of an initial fee that grants them access to free lifelong residence in the institution. However, paying the initial fee still presents a problem for a number of applicants. To help them collecting the amount required for covering the costs of residence, our foundation conducts fundraising campaigns. The amounts raised in these campaigns would cover part of the cost of their residence.

Zsolt has multiple disabilities and in the past ten years lived in a large state institution. By becoming a resident in the TreasureBox House within the network of the „Towards the Light Opportunity Centre” he and his 11 companions would get an opportunity to acquire employment and to receive skill development training there.

Please, with your donation give Zsolt and his companions a chance to live a happy and safe life in the TreasureBox House!





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Total amount of donations for the Good Cause:

31 000 HUF

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