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Ask for gifts not for you!


Are you happy with a gift you do not need? Doesn’t fit the twentieth vase, the tenth salad bowl or another cosmetic package on the shelf? You don’t know which is better: honesty or feigned joy when you get a book/DVD/game you already have or a sweater/tie/dress/ornament/jewelery you do not like? Do you think the money spent on them would have a better place at a charity organization translating the amount into a Good Cause? Do you want to save your family from the puzzling of Christmas shopping, but leave them the joy of giving?

If the answer for the above questions is YES, join our campaign and ask your friends and relatives not to buy any gifts for you for this year’s Christmas, but donate the amount intended for it for the benefit of a Good Cause, you suggest to them!

Remember: Christmas is not your birthday! Donation instead of buying gifts can glofify the Celebration of Love for everyone!

For Ambassadors

To join the action, choose a Good Cause from the ones  listed below you would like support with the amount of your gifts, please contact us at  We will help you to create your own campaign in a few minutes, that will be a unique website you can share with your relatives and friends. Donations will go directly to your chosen Good Cause.


Total amount of donations on the event:

277 000 HUF

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