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General Terms of Use General Terms of Use

(Appendix: Data Management Policy)

This General Terms of Use (later referred as: GTU) contains conditions of use of

By the declaration of the User and the usage of an online contract is being established between the User and the owner of Wangor Ltd (57 Alma u, 2100 Gödöllő, Hungary, Court reg. number: Cg. 13-09-138643, VAT reg. number: 2222741279-2-13, further referred as: Service provider).

Service provider reserves the right of modifying the GTU. In case modifications Service provider informs the Users via e-mail sent to the e-mail address of the User given at the registration. Further usage of after informing means the acceptance of the modification.

Description of terms: portal accessible at and jóügyeké addresses. The owner and operator of the portal is the Service Provider;

Good Cause: appraised goal raising funds using

Owner of Good Cause: organisation working for the accomplishment of the Good Cause based on written contract signed by the Owner of the Good Cause and the Service Provider.

Pledge: offer for donation for a Good Cause (or Good Causes) published by the Owner of Good Cause at

User: any natural or legal person being registered at or providing any data without registration.

Cash pledge: pledges where the selected method of payment is cash payment towards the Ambassador.

Mediated donations: the value of pledges that have effectively transferred to the Owner of the Good Cause

Ambassador: users of running fundraising activities in favour of a Good Cause

1. Registration

Services of can be used by registered or non-registered users, natural or legal persons. Natural persons below 14 years can only use the portal with parent supervision.

By registering on the portal the user acknowledges the provision of real data – in case of natural persons own data, in case of legal persons data of legal person represented by him or her. In case false or partially false date provision becomes known Service Provider has the right to limit or close the access of the user to

Service Provider keeps the right to check the solidity of registration data, especially in case any doubt of solidity (security check). During the period of checking Service Provider reserves the right to limit the access of the user for an unlimited period but maximum until the closing of the checking.

2. Content

Service provider does not automatically monitor all content published by the users. Service provider as a mediator is not responsible for the content published on the portal. The user is responsible for any content published by him/her and any damage caused by the content published by him/her. It is strictly forbidden to publish any content on conflicting any legal regulations.

In case content published on the portal conflicts any legal regulations, service provider reserves the right to remove content or the whole related page from the portal. In case of necessity service provider collaborates with relevant authorities in order to call to account responsible person or persons.

3. Payment and usage of donations

Service provider enables Owners of Good Causes to collect donations by the help of Ambassadors in order to realise the Good Cause they have published. Service Provider signs contracts with owners of Good Causes for the propagation of the Good Cause.

Service Provider stands for Owners of Good Causes being reliable, transparent organisations and reserves the right to accept or decline co-operation with organisations, but as Service Provider does not have any influence on the actual usage of the donations, the Owners of Good Causes take all the responsibility for the usage of the donations. Actual donations create a legal connection between donor and the Owner of the Good Cause, every transaction and responsibilities occur between them (including the issue of donation statement in case if it is needed). Service provider does not take any responsibility in connection to the donations.

Service provider does not take responsibility towards the Owners of Good Causes in case pledges will not be actually transferred/paid, does not take any responsibility in case of any error or termination of services of the portal or in case of non-fulfilment of commitments taken by any Ambassadors.

4. Protection of personal data

Service provider uses personal data only in case functions of the portal require it and only uses information that are relevant for identification and operation of the specific function, among others:

- Data of Ambassadors is accessible for the Owner of the Good Causes supported by the Ambassador in order to make necessary direct communication between the Owner of the Good Cause and the Ambassadors;

- Data related to pledges are accessible by the Owner of the relevant Good Cause in order to allocate and monitor the amount of incoming donations, and make necessary operative steps related to donations (sending postal payment orders, solving technical problems in case they occur, etc.) between the user and the Owner of the Good Cause;

- Data for sending newsletters is accessible by the Owner of Good Cause only in case the User have subscribed to a newsletter (but in case the User has subscribed to a newsletter of a Good Cause, Service Provider in not responsible later in case the User would like to unsubscribe from the newsletter, the unsubscription can only be done by the Owner of the Good Cause)

5. Complaints, contacts

Any complaints and other contacts can be sent to address. Complaints and requests are being processed as soon as possible but latest by the limit set in relevant legal regulations.

6. Indemnification, compensation

User agrees to compensate the Service provider for any claims by any third parties related or caused by the user’s usage of including any type of costs, damage, loss, legal action, judgement or related costs. Service provider informs the user in writing about claims, legal actions or procedures.

7. Warranty disclaimer

Service provider and its’ partners, suppliers, consultants and agents reject all responsibilities related to reliability, content, legality, credibility, operability and availability of information published at Service provider rejects responsibility for the behaviour of users.

User acknowledges to use applications of at his/her own risk and accepts that Service provider does not take any responsibility for any possible damage or loss occurring related to the usage of

In case of any disputes the parties try to get to an agreement by negotiating. In case there is no agreement within 30 days from the start after of the negotiations, parties set the competence for jurisdiction the Court of the city of Gödöllő.

User has to protect his/her password as far as lies within his/her power in order to protect personal data. User is responsible for any act happening by using his/her password.

This document is the version of the General Terms of Use valid from 2 April 2014.

Wangor Ltd. © All rights reserved!

Appendix: Data Management Policy

The purpose of the Policy is to set data management policies of and its services. Service Provider acknowledges the Policy as obligatory for its operations.

Service provider: Wangor Ltd (57 Alma u, 2100 Gödöllő, Hungary, company registration number: Cg.13-09-138643, tax registration number: 22741279-2-13, later referred as: "service provider")

Data management registration number: NAIH-67232/2013

II. Description of terms

Personal data: data in relation to a particular natural person (later referred as “person”), especially the person’s name, identification number, and one or more physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity, information or conclusion possibly drawn from data. Personal data maintains its nature until its relationship with the person can be recovered.

Data file: the whole bulk of managed data

Data management: any action or actions carried out on data irrespectively from the applied procedure, especially collection, recording, storing, systematising, changing, using and retrieving, forwarding, publishing, harmonising, connecting, blocking, deleting, destroying and blocking further use of data;

Data operator: Wangor Ltd. (registered at: 57 Alma u, 2100 Gödöllő, Hungary)

Data processing: technical tasks related to data management, irrespectively from the applied method and tool, location of the application as long as the technical task is being carried out on the data

Destroying data: physical destroying of the data medium containing the data

Data forwarding: granting access to data for any third person

Publishing: making data accessible to anyone;

Data processor: any natural or legal person or organisation without legal personality who processes data by the assignment of the data operator;

Deleting data: making data unrecognisable in an irrecoverable manner

Automated data file: data being processed automatically;

Machine operation: contains operations in case these are partly or fully done by automated tools: storage of data, logical or arithmetical operations on data, changing, deleting, recovering and circulating data; portal accessible at and jóügyeké addresses. The owner and operator of the portal is the Service Provider;

User: any natural or legal person being registered at or providing any data without registration

Good Cause: appraised goal raising funds using

Owner of Good Cause: organisation working for the accomplishment of the Good Cause based on written contract signed by the Owner of the Good Cause and the Service Provider.

III. Scope of managed personal data

Data provided based on users decision: name, e-mail address, phone, home address and other personal data given voluntarily.

IV. Legal basis, goal and mode of data management

Data management happens only based on voluntary agreement by the user based on provision of appropriate information, agreement includes approval of usage of personal data provided on the portal. Legal basis of data management is the voluntary agreement as described in 5 § (1) art a) of Act CXII./2011 about information autonomy right and freedom of information.

The goal of data management is the provision of services of Personal data required for the specific services are provided at the description of relevant services.

Data operator cannot use the personal data for any other purposes than the one described above. Forwarding data to third persons or authorities is only allowed in case of the users consent – except in cases when law is disposing differently with binding power.

Data operation is not bound to control the given data. Only the person providing the data is responsible for the validity of the data. Users providing an e-mail address are responsible for using the services alone from the specific address. In regard to the above any responsibility in connection with any access by using by a given e-mail address goes to the person having registered that specific address.

V. Principles of data management

Data can only be obtained and managed in a decent and lawful way.

Data can only be used and stored for a defined and lawful goal, any other usage is not allowed.

Data has to bear proportion with the goal of its usage, serve its purpose and cannot expand over it.

Method of storage has to ensure identification of user limited only until the purpose of storing.

Security arrangements have to be taken in order to avoid accidental or illegal destruction, accidental loss and illegal access, change or circulation.

VI. Data management principles applied by the Service provider uses necessary personal data only based on approval of Persons and only for related to the purpose.

Service provider as data operator undertakes using data only according to the Information law and the rules set in the Data Management Policy and does not forward them to any third parties.

An exception from the point above is the use of statistically summarised data, not including names or any other data in any form suitable for identification.

Service provider may in some cases – official court case, police investigation, fact, suspicion or legal process of violating authorial, substantial or any other laws or regulations, jeopardising the provision of services – can make data of the specific user available for third parties.

The portal of may collect data from activities of users, but these cannot be connected with the data provided at the registration or data arising at usage of other portals or services.

Service provider commits to provide clear and understandable information about the method, goal and principles of data registration before registering data.

In cases Service provider would like to use data for any other purposes than the original purpose of data management, Service provider must inform users and must obtain prior permission from the user and user must be able to decline any such requests.

Service provider as data operator observes all limiting rules and regulations when registering and managing data and informs users by his/her demand via electronic mail. Service provider bind itself not sanctioning in any ways users not providing non-compulsory data.

Service provider binds itself to ensure data security, to make necessary technical and organisational steps and to prepare procedures in order to ensure security of registered and managed data and to prevent from destruction and unauthorised use or change of data. Service provider also binds itself to call third parties who receive forwarded data to bind to these.

VII. Duration of data management

Personal data provided by the user is being managed until the user unsubscribes him or herself from the usage of the portal. Date of deletion is latest within 10 days from the unsubscription request provided by the user. In case of provision of illegal or false data, crime committed by the user or attacking the system data operator may immediately delete data of the user from the system and in case of suspicion of crime or legal responsibility keep the data until the end of the relevant legal process.

Personal data can be managed by the Service provider as data operator until the user asks the discontinuation of data management in writing.

Data being automatically and technically registered are being held in the system from the time of storing until necessary for the provision of services. Service provider ensures that the automatically registered data cannot be connected with personal data – excluded the legally obligatory cases.

VIII. Commands related to personal data

Changes in personal data or request of deletion of personal data can be communicated to the Service provider only in written form by sending an electronic mail to the address.

Unsubscription from newsletter can be ordered by using a form on the portal or sending a subscription e-mail to the address.

Unsubscription from newsletters of Good Causes can be ordered from the owner of the relevant Good Cause. Service provider is not responsible for the unsubscription from these newsletters.

In case of Ambassadors some personal data can also be modified on the personal profile page on the portal.

After fulfilment of the request of change or deletion of personal data, changed or deleted data cannot be recovered.

IX. Data processing

Service provider does not use any external data processor, the data is managed by the Service provider itself.

X. Option of data forward

Service provider as data operator must forward all available and stored data to the relevant authorities in case of any legal obligation or order by the authorities. Service provider cannot be made responsible in case of any such data forward.

In case the Service provider transmits the operation or the utilisation of partially or totally to a third person, the data managed by the Service provider can also be transferred without a written consent of the user. This transmission can solely service the continuity of the registration of the registered users, but the transmission cannot create more disadvantageous conditions in data management for the user compared to the then current data management policy and principles.

In order to control and monitor the legality of data forward, Service provider documents the date, legal base, recipient, scope and other relevant information of the forwarded data.

XI. Changes of the data management policy

Service provider reserves the right to change the current data management policy by its unilateral decision. After changing the data management policy users have to be informed of the change (by e-mail or pop-up window message). By further using the services of the portal users take notice of the changes, asking further approval from them is not necessary.

XII. Users rights in relation to the personal data managed by the Service provider

Users can any time request information from the Service provider as data operator about the management of their personal data by sending a letter to the Service provider or an e-mail to the address. Requests send are only valid if sent from an e-mail address registered on the portal. Request for information can cover the data of the user managed by the service provider, the source, goal, legal base, duration of data, operations in relation to data management and in case of forward of personal data the recipient and goal of data forward.

Service provider must answer the questions as soon as possible but latest within 30 days from the receipt of the request. In case of requests in e-mail the receipt of e-mail is counted on the next business days after the date of sending.

XIII. Vindication of rights

Based on the Information law and the law IV/1959 (Ptk) users can express vindication of rights at court level or in relation to personal data can request the help of National Data-protection and Information-freedom Authority (NAIK). In addition any requests can also be addressed to the Service provider at the address.

This General Terms of Use and Data Management Policy has been prepared in both Hungarian and English languages. In the event of any inconsistency, the Hungarian version shall apply and be binding.

Gödöllő, 2 April 2014