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General info

The goal of is a special fundraising portal supporting a method still new in Hungary, the peer-to-peer fundraising – as we call it „Asking Via Ambassadors” (AVE, in Hungarian: KKK) fundraising (not to be mixed up with crowd funding!). The key actors are the fundraisers – as we call them, the Ambassadors – who take a a personal commitment (it can be related to sport, or other action, we call them Events). The Ambassadors can create their personal fundraising page in minutes showing their commitment and supported Good Cause.

Ambassadors than only have to fulfil their commitment and promote their personal campaigns (especially using social media) in order to reach the widest possible audience and get the most possible amount of donations for their selected Good Causes.

Anyone can become an Ambassador (doesn’t have to be a celebrity) who is strongly committed to a Good Cause and willing to promote it and fundraise for it in his or her acquaintanceship.

An example for illustration: Susan Sample (Ambassador) takes part in a marathon (Event) and looks for donors for her run. She collects the donations for a Children’s Home (Good Cause). 20 friends of Susan donate in average 5000 HUF Susan thereby raises in total 100.000 HUF. Susan is part of a team of 30 Ambassadors of the Children’s Home so they could fundraise in total 3.000.000 HUF which enables the Home to build brand new rooms. has been designed and developed based on the examples of well working peer-to-peer fundraising portals supporting tens of thousands of organisations raising hundreds of million dollars of donations (e.g. , ). We started the portal in order to enable Hungarian non-profit organisations to use this very efficient fundraising method. 


For whom and what does offer?

Good Causes (non-profit organisations): a tool enabling the organisation to run raise significant amount of donations at a very low cost level, based on a good idea and volunteering, thereby limiting the financial risk of fundraising. Peer-to-peer fundraising can especially be successful at organisations having a strong and motivated volunteer basis.

Ambassadors (individual fundraisers): a possibility to collect donations for your favourite Good Cause by a commitment and a tool helping to quickly create and easily share your personal fundraising campaign page.

Donors: the donation becomes double by making the Ambassador happy besides of helping a Good Cause. in addition monitors the Good Causes thereby significantly limiting the risk of misusing donations.

Event organisers: sport events, festivals and other events can build their corporate social responsibility actions around offering peer-to-peer fundraising for their participants using

Companies: the model of can perfectly match with CSR programs and company volunteering actions.



How do donations arrive to the Good Causes?

The primary goal of is the support of the Ambassadors and providing a platform for creating and communicating fundraising campaigns. handles the pledges but the financial transactions happen directly between the donor and the selected Good Cause (in some cases via the Ambassadors). We of course help the transfer by providing necessary details (bank account number, link for online payment, sending postal payment order, etc.). The actual payment of the donation is being monitored together with the owner of the Good Cause, the pledges later not being actually paid will be removed from the page in order to show real information for visitors.


How is the system operated? is run by Charity Compass Foundation, on organisation founded and managed by professionals having strong background and experience in non-profit management. Financing of the portal is being provided by the owners of the Good Causes who benefit from the fundraising campaigns. These organisations contribute to the costs of operation in proportion to their incoming donations.

If you have any more questions about our background, operations or anything else, please contact us at .