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Conditions of joining

The main conditions of joining are the provision of relevant registration data and information and the acceptance of the  General Terms of Use.

We consider the transparency and reliability of the Good Causes as very important thereby we try to get to know them as much as we can. Therefore we ask for information from the owners of the Good Causes and place additional questions if necessary. Please don’t take this as a harassment, we have to do it in order to make donors comfortable in donating by knowing there money will really go to the right place and will be used in a proper manner. To ensure this we also ask for a report after the fundraising campaign that we also publish on our page. In case we don’t get enough information in order to check reliability, unfortunately we have to decline the registration.

We ask for a usage fee from the Good Causes being published on the portal. The usage fee is 3-5% of the volume of donations (% decreases by increasing the volume), the fee applies only to the amounts actually arriving and are due only after the campaigns have been closed. In favour of small organisations and "beginner" users of the portal we do not charge any fee for Good Causes collecting less than 500.000 HUF donations. The fees are used for the operations and development of the portal (data and IT management). Ambassadors, Events and donors can use the portal for free, Good Causes as „main beneficiaries” are the maintainers of the system.