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How can I support Embassadors' Good Causes?

Every Ambassador’s page contains the Good Cause he or she is supporting. You can find the list of Ambassadors and their campaigns   here.

If you like the Good Cause of an Ambassador and would like to support financially use just have to click on the „Donate” button on the Ambassador’s page and make your donation.

The possible way(s) of sending your donation (e.g. bank transfer, payment by credit card, postal payment order) you can find at the donation page.

It’s important to know that only mediates in the donation process the actual financial transaction is done directly to the owner of the Good Cause. Although we are monitoring the arrival of the donations, in case the transfer doesn’t take place we remind the donor or finally we remove the donation offer from the page in order to show a real picture of the level of support of the Ambassadors and Good Causes.

Donors can have information about the  Good Causes and we also provide information about closed Good Causes in order to ensure transparency towards donors.

For the sake of transparency and trust also makes a preliminary screening of Good Causes before registering them on the portal – this of course doesn’t provide a 100% guarantee but at least it limits the risk of misusing donations.