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Opportunities for companies can well fit to corporate social responsibility programs.

A few possible options:

Corporate volunteering programs

Even connected to an event already registered on the portal or by creating a special targeted event volunteers or volunteer teams of the company can collect donations for a Good Cause. Examples from abroad show how extremely useful these kind of actions for charity organisations can be.

Connecting fundraising to a corporate event

Corporate events or sponsored events provide a good opportunity for participants supporting one or more Good Causes. We can also help in selecting a Good Cause relevant to the event and the CSR strategy of the company.

Matching fund

Matching funds provide additional funding to a fund raised by someone (e.g. the company adds the same amount of donations to the ones donated by individuals). Matching funds may also be realised in the form of providing the company’s products or services and can multiply the efficiency of a fundraising campaign through the extra motivation of the individual fundraisers. A matching fund can be connected to a Good Cause, to an Event or even to a specific group of Ambassadors (e.g. the employees of the company who participate as Ambassadors)

Sponsoring a specific event

In case a Good Cause would like to organise an own event where Ambassadors can join (e.g. a charity sport event) the organisation and promotion of the event may have significant costs where sponsors are needed to cover them. Companies can in this case join as sponsors of the Good Cause and Event.

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